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Future of Work Foundation is a hybrid platform for artistic research and co-creation under the artistic leadership of Olga Mink and Godelieve Spaas. The platform questions the economic system from an ideological and an everyday perspective, by making proposals for more informed choices and telling new stories about economy. It brings about new forms of collaboration around work and economy, and proposes visions and ideas to stimulate dialogue about what the economy looks like when our needs become secondary to the demands for a healthy ecosystem and a just society.

There is a growing awareness that our Western economy is built upon a foundation of overexploitation, preying on nature, raw materials, and the landscape. As a result, both Earth and humanity are being literally depleted. This overexploitation has dire consequences, leading to global warming, environmental pollution, and the exploitation of vulnerable groups. It poses not only a threat to human well-being but also has existential implications for all forms of life.

Our capitalist system often ignores the consequences of economic growth and promotes unsustainable consumption and material indulgence. While economics has long been dominated by unquestioned theories of scarcity, free market forces, and limited government regulation, many of these theories are now deemed outdated. What if we began to view the economy as a shared responsibility to nurture the Earth and each other? An economy that weaves the intricate tapestry of agreements, traditions, value systems, and connections between individuals and the collective, human and nature, science and art, body and soul. This, in turn, shapes the very essence of how our economic system functions. 

As we acknowledge the consequences of overexploitation and unsustainable practices, there is a pressing need to reimagine and redefine our approach to the economy. By advocating for sustainable practices and embracing a systemic perspective, we can strive for a more harmonized and responsible economic system. Such a system would safeguard the well-being of both humanity and the planet.


Olga Mink — Artistic Director  /  In addition to heading the Future of Work Foundation, Olga is also the Head of I-Arts at the Maastricht Institute of Arts, and works as a researcher at Avans University of Applied Sciences. She is interested in art’s capacity to unveil the unseen by focusing on the multi-contextual relationships between objects and systems. 

Godelieve Spaas — Curator 
/  Godelieve Spaas is Professor new economy at Avans University of Applied Sciences. She conducts research from an anthropological perspective into economic principles and forms of entrepreneurship that care for the earth and all its inhabitants. Her research group is a collaborative social practice in which making, dialogue and research alternate and reinforce each other.


Heleen Moors, Linda van Loon, Rob Heesbeen, Massimo Arena, Mark van Nuenen - 
Production Team

Peter Zuiderwijk Visuals & Identity

Monique van den 
Berg   Communications

Linda Koke Curator Willem Twee Art Space 

Onno Ephraim — Business Director


Ine Gevers — Artistic director Niet Normaal INT / Chair.
Marianne Hewlett
— Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer Atos Northern Europe / Treasurer.
Anke van den Broeck
— Advisor St. Joost school of Art & Design / Secretary.


Future of Work program is developed in collaboration with the following partners: Willem Twee, Huis 73, Social Label, Academie voor Beeldvorming, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Constructlab, The Club Of Rome, and Rabo Art Lab.

Future of Work Foundation works with the following people: Klaas Burger, Peter Zuiderwijk, Alexander Römer, Lieke van der Meer, Bert De Backer, Wouter Corvers, Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj en Jasper Džuki Jelen, Verily Klaassen, Falk Hübner, Reon Brand.


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