Festival: Who owns the economy?

From October 5th to October 22nd, the festival "Who owns the Economy?" will take place in Den Bosch. The festival offers a diverse and accessible program, including symposiums, workshops, debates, performances, and presentations. Additionally, there are two exhibition locations (Willem Twee and Werkwarenhuis) that give substance to the festival theme. During this festival, we warmly invite everyone to join and explore the answers to the questions we pose.

"Who owns the Economy?" is a festival and a place for collective experimentation, where we can try out and shape the new economy together. It is a space for action and reaction, for meetings, for arranging and disrupting, a place for work and creation, a venture, a commons, a collective experiment. It welcomes curious citizens, artists, designers, scientists, governments, organizations, businesses, schools, and anyone who wants to contribute to the future of the economy.

Below are all the events, participants and partners that are part of this festival
The exhibition at Willem Twee and Werkwarenhuis is open during festival days Wednesday through Sunday 11-17h (and possibly additional times if the venue itself is open).



Join us in creating, designing and experiencing a new economy!

What kind of economy do you envision?

Everyone is affected by the economy. Whether it's the cost of groceries, filing taxes, or businesses and politicians focusing on aiming to 'stimulate the economy,' we all experience the various consequences of our economic system, regardless of our social status or political views. The economy plays a significant role in shaping our collective lives, yet we often perceive economy as an unchangeable law of nature, something beyond our control or influence. However, a system conceived by people can equally be reshaped by people.

What exactly is this elusive and all-determining 'economy'? And what kind of economy do you desire? During the festival Who owns the Economy?, we will seek answers to these questions. Through a multidisciplinary exhibition and public programming, we invite invite everyone to join in envisioning the economy of tomorrow—critically considering its shape. An economy that prioritizes the well-being of all life and the planet. 

Who owns the Economy? is an invitation for everyone to engage in creating, designing, and experiencing the new economy. The goal is to reclaim and make this subject understandable. In the lead-up to the festival, we also encourage you to be part of the conversation (online through our social media channels).

The festival takes place in the creative area around Willem Twee, Verkadefabriek, and Tramkade in Den Bosch (NL). It features prominent engaged artists such as Cynthia Hathaway, Otobong Nkanga, Klaas Burger, Carlijn Kingma, Teresa Borasino, Arne Hendriks, and organizations like FairJobs, Jatiwangi art Factory, and Constructlab.

Who owns the Economy? is organized in collaboration with, among others, Willem Twee, The Club of Rome, Avans University of Applied Sciences / BWNO, Academy of Image Forming, Social Label, Our New Economy, Werkwarenhuis, RUW, Huis73, and Rabo Art Lab.

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