Opening — exhibition Future of Work

With the performance ‘Punishment’.

Time: 17:00-19:30hr

Willem Twee Art Space

Boschveldweg 473



Entry from 17:00hr. The opening starts at 17:15hr with a welcome from Olga Mink. Klaas Burger tells about his work and after the break Godelieve Spaas plays a performance based on the film Punishment. The program ends around 19:30hr.

With the exhibition Future of Work, the foundation of the same name launches its platform for a new collective economy. Future of Work questions the economic system from an ideological and everyday perspective in terms of its effect on all life and the earth. The works on display reflect on the existing order, fathom its consequences and explore alternatives. The Economic Primate by Julika Rudelius shows the power of money and the promise of happiness through money. Camping Kafka by School of Perception makes the other side of that promise tangible by showing the mostly invisible life of migrant workers in the Netherlands. The works Punishment by Godelieve Spaas and Kees-Jan Mulder and Fair Jobs by School of Perception explore how power and powerlessness, hierarchy and collectivity can take shape in the future.

The exhibition is an invitation to debate and collective action, and aims to create new forms of collaboration and sustainable strategies around work and the economy. Future of Work proposes visions and stories to stimulate dialogue about what the economy looks like when our needs become secondary to the demands for a healthy ecosystem and a just society.

During the opening Klaas Burger and Francien Winsemius will talk about Camping Kafka en Fair Jobs and Godelieve Spaas will perform Punishment. Together with our partners Willem Twee, Huis 73, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Rabo Art Lab, School of Perception, FairWork, Social Label, Werkwarenhuis, Baltan Laboratories and Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch, we would like to propose a toast to Future of Work Foundation as a new hybrid collective platform in the city.


View the whole collection on Flickr.