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Every year, Future of Work organizes a festival in the last week of October as a cultural counterpart of the Den Bosch Data Week.

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Year 5366

August 27: Venus occults Aldebaran, the first occultation of Aldebaran by a planet since July 15, 18,980 BC.

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During the year, Future of Work organizes various expert meetings to support the (local) business community.

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180 million years from now

Due to the gradual slowing down of Earth's rotation, a day on Earth will be one hour longer than it is today.

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The Future of Work Foundation seeks the connection between the creative representations of future innovations and the (professional) practice of the day after tomorrow. Future of Work is the platform where thought leadership and substantive events come together and where the role that work plays in society and how we value in the future work will be questioned, experienced and celebrated.

The Future of Work Foundation serves two purposes:

  • 1. New values in society are created by using creativity and imagination as a means.

  • 2. Tantalizing future scenarios are visualized and experienced by realizing sustainable recurring events and thus nurturing a larger mission. A mission that we do not yet know and that can change over time. Each event therefore offers a different angle from which a vision of the future of work is developed.

Future of Work examines a long-term vision of work in the not-too-far future:

  • — What will the future of work be and how do we prepare for it?
  • — Who are the workers of the future, what are their competences?
  • — How can work & training become better prepared for the future, so future-proof?
  • — What role do creativity, innovation and imagination play in the development of work and workers?
  • — What imagination is needed to be able to think 10-15 years ahead?
  • — How do we create new interdisciplinary connections between and with various domains and fields?


The Future of Work Foundation is managed by:

Ine Gevers — artistic director Niet Normaal INT / chair.

Marianne Hewlett — Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer Atos Northern Europe / Treasurer.

Anke van den Broeck — Advisor St. Joost school of Art & Design / Secretary.

The expertise of the board members includes board responsibility according to the Cultural Governance Code and involvement / expertise in the field of developing a vision of future-proof skills required in a rapidly changing society. They activate expert meetings and art & tech festivals, produce knowledge and set an example.

Festival curators are successively:
Ine Gevers, (Im)possible Bodies, 2020
Imke Ruigrok, Re_Nature, 2021
Olga Mink, Co-Emerging Economies, 2022
Laura Mudde, X-Values, 2023
Nadine Roestenburg, Post-Digital, 2024.

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The tax authorities have designated the Future of Work Foundation as ANBI – Public Benefit Organisations.

“The future is an unknown, but a somewhat predictable unknown.” — Albert Einstein